Several IGPP researchers and alumni contributors to Science feature about the Gorkha EQ

Congratulations to IGPP's Yehuda Bock, Xiaohua Xu, Jianghui Geng, and Eric Lindsey as well as IGPP alum's Diego Melgar and Genrich, whose paper, with 25 additional collaborators, "Slip pulse and resonance of the Kathmandu basin during the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, Nepal" appeared in today's Science magazine.

Walter Munk, "Einstein of the Oceans," featured in the NY Times

The tremendous career and unabating curiosity of IGPP's Walter Munk, "Einstein of the Oceans," featured in the New York Times.

Key Deploys Sensor Array to Study and Visualize Okmok's Magma

Earlier this summer IGPP Associate Professor Kerry Key, in collaboration with USGS, Alaska Volcano Observatory, and University of Wisconsin Madison colleagues, traveled to Umnak Island to commence study of the magma—how it’s formed, where it’s stored—beneath Okmok Volcano.