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The Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics is located in La Jolla, and is a Division of SIO.

Recent News

Associate Director Laske

We are thrilled to announce that Professor in Residence, Gabi Laske, has agreed to the role of associate director of IGPP. Laske brings with her expertise in marine geophysics, seismology, community governance, undergraduate teaching, and IGPP history. Congrats Dr. Laske!

Pommier shares metallic core, cooling research in American Mineralogist

The findings of Professor Anne Pommier's recent investigations on the cooling of iron-nickel alloys in terrestrial planets and moons has been published in American Mineralogist. Pommier's article "Experimental investigation of the effect of nickel on the electrical resistivity of Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-S alloys under pressure" can be found online here.  A brief synopsis follows: 

Pommier, colleagues share core cooling discoveries in JGR Planets

Professor Anne Pommier, Scripps colleague Rong Zhang, and the University of Leed's Chris Davies, share their discoveries about small-planet and moon core cooling in the AGU's JGR Planets. Their article "A Joint Experimental‐Modeling Investigation of the Effect of Light Elements on Dynamos in Small Planets and Moons" was released 21 July 2020 and may be found online here.

IGPP welcomes new director: Professor Adrian Borsa

IGPP is pleased to announce the appointment of its new director: Professor Adrian Borsa. In his work, Borsa employs classical geological instruments and techniques to study a wide variety of Earth processes. He aims to describe how the shape of Earth’s surface is changing at timescales of seconds to decades, and to link observed change to geophysical processes associated with phenomena ranging from earthquakes to climate change.

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