Host Registration

Use this form to request for a network connection and register a hostname.  All systems must meet the UCSD Minimum Standards before accessing UCSD wired network. You may use the UCSD-GUEST wireless to meet the UCSD minimum security standards before submitting this form.  For the purposes of this form, the terms node, host, system, networked device and computer are used interchangeably.


We recommend hostnames that are anonymous, short and pronounceable so that it can be communicated over the phone without spelling out a long string of letters and numbers.  Please do not use a storage volume name or username as the hostname.

Examples of preferred: Examples of not preferred: (ex. if your name is John)
short & pronounceable long & unpronounceable

Note: If you are registering an Ethernet dongle, please use the naming convention username-eth1, username-eth2 (ie. gbluefin-eth1).

Use this form to check if a hostname is available prior to reserving it:

User and PI
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