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Gabriel simulation, findings from Ridgequest EQs published in Nature

Alice Gabriel conducted data-infused modeling on supercomputers to better understand the unusual seismic activity in Ridgecrest Jul 2019. 

HPWREN camera captures Aurora Borealis

Frank Vernon shared this capture of the Aurora Borealis time lapse via Cuyamaca @hpwren camera:

Fricker's Journey to Larsen A Inlet Captured

IGPP's Helen Fricker shares the "immense privilege" she felt exploring the Larsen A inlet on the Antarctic Peninsula, in the NW Weddell Sea during her recent Antarctic Science Expedition.

Fricker sharing the expeirence in her own words:

Gabriel talks Turkey with Fox5 San Diego

Fox 5 San Diego spoke with IGPP's Alice Gabriel to understand the lessons learned from Turkey's main earthquake and aftershocks—that could be applied to better anticipate outcomes of future large scale quakes in California.

Orcutt, Laske discuss Mauna Loa with NYTimes

John Orcutt and Gabi Laske, who helped instrument the ocean floor surrounding Mauna Loa in the early 2000s with seismometers, were contacted by the New York Times to share their knowledge regarding the predictability of volcanic activity. Spoiler alert: the article, With Mauna Loa’s Eruption, a Rare Glimpse Into Earth, closes with Orcutt's wry observation “You can’t hold back the magma forever.”