The Green Foundation scholarships are awarded to Earth scientists from around the world who wish to collaborate with IGPP researchers.

Green Scholars work at IGPP for a period not less than two months and not more than two years and range in experience from recent PhD recipients to senior faculty. Green Scholars can be nominated for the position by a member of the IGPP faculty (either teaching or research). An open advertisement for postdoctoral scholars is issued most years and applications are accepted from anyone. 

The Miles Fellowship is awarded in honor of the late John W. Miles and may support either early-career or established scientists whose expertise lies within the broad areas of computational and theoretical geophysics. Dr. Miles spent over 40 years conducting research in applied mechanics and geophysics at UCSD and Scripps. His studies contributed to many aspects of fluid dynamics, including supersonic flow, ocean tides, the stability of currents and water waves and their nonlinear interactions, and involved extensive work in the application of mathematical methodology.  The Green Foundation is not accepting applications for the Miles Postdoctoral Fellowship during this academic year.  

Green Scholars and Miles Fellows may hold a concurrent, temporary, salaried appointment at the University, but Foundation support is not available to provide salary for permanent faculty at IGPP. Depending on the circumstances of the particular scholar, the funds can be directed to cover travel, salaries, equipment, campus services, living expenses, or some combination of the these.

The current call for applicants is at