Visitor Request Information

If intending to host a visitor (scholars, grads, volunteers) whose visit is 30 days or more, a request for a visiting appointment in writing must be submitted to Steven Constable (igppdirector at ucsd dot edu) at least two months in advance, with a cc to Wayne Farquharson (wfarquharson at ucsd dot edu) and Iris McCrary (imccrary at ucsd dot edu). Visitors whose stay is between 5 – 30 days, a 30-day notice is required. 

A visiting appointment for these visitors may be requested, but it is not required. Otherwise, the visitors should be placed in a volunteer appointment. Advance notice provides the HR Office sufficient processing time to obtain an approved visiting appointment letter as well as avoid last minute requests.

All visitors (scholars or grads) are required to have and provide proof of medical insurance coverage for themselves and all accompanying dependents through the period of their stay. Visitors may purchase health coverage through a UCSD sponsored vendor Garnett- Powers & Associates ( or purchase an alternate plan that meets the minimum coverage requirements (which first must be reviewed and certified by Garnett-Powers & Associates). Each visitor will require Proof of Financial Funding that is non-UCSD support (e.g. scholarship letter, bank statement, etc.). Visitors’ minimum monthly financial support requirements are: Single $2400, Married (or single w/1 child) $3200, Married w/child $3600, Married w/2 children $4000. 

For UCSD Visiting Graduate Students, sponsors responsible for supplementing visitor financial funding up to the minimum compensation level for SIO at $2,500/month (effective 9/2015) if their home institution funding is less than this amount. For both visitors and volunteers, space is not guaranteed and will be assigned on an as- available basis. Visitors and volunteers must complete laboratory safety training before beginning work in the lab. 

This form is to help facilitate the settling in of an official visitor to IGPP.

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