Travel Guidelines

Before your trip:
New Procedures:
- If you are attending a conference, please forward the announcement or agenda to your travel preparer, or provide a link to the conference website.
- Student Travel:  Students and PIs must now fill out a  UC San Diego Student Certification for Business-Related Travel
- Please obtain an event number before your trip and fill out the Business Travel Insurance form.  
  - Do not purchase an airfare/hotel package from Expedia or similar website.  These packages are not reimbursable.
 - Do not pay for another traveler's expenses.  (Sharing a hotel room where one person pays the total is ok).  Group travel for field work must be set up in advance.
 - Please specify items that may need to be pre-paid at the time you submit the Travel Information form.  These can take weeks to process (Registration, hotel).
 - Reimbursements will not be issued until after you have traveled.
During your trip:
- Decline additional rental car insurance for domestic travel.  Additional rental car insurance will not be reimbursed.  You may reserve a rental car using a UCSD contract number, which includes insurance in the price.
-  Please save all receipts for airfare, hotels, reg. fees and ground transportation.  Keep a log of your daily meal expenses.  The log of the daily meal expenses can also include ground transportation for amounts under $75.
After your trip:
- Turn in all mandatory receipts to your Travel preparer.