IGPP and CCCIA group led by Yehuda Bock awarded NOAA's Geospatial Modeling Grant

Yehuda Bock and his IGPP collaborators Adrian Borsa, Yuri Fialko, Jamin Greenbaum, Jennifer Haase, Robert Mellors, David Sandwell, and Mark Zumberge, as well as Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation collaborators Mark Merrifield and Matthew Mazloff, were among five competitors awarded NOAA's Geospatial Modeling Grant. The group's project "NSRS Intra-Frame Deformation Model and New SIO Geodesy Program," aims to create a formal geodesy program in support of the nationwide deficiency of geodesists and to modernize geodetic models for the NSRS.

For more information about the competition and award, please visit https://geodesy.noaa.gov/grant-opportunities/fy23-awards.shtml?utm_medium=email&utm_source=GovDelivery.