Orcutt appointed new Chair of MSROC

Congratulations to John Orcutt who is the newly appointed Chair for the ‘Marine Seismic Research Oversight Committee’ or MSROC.  

The Marine Seismic Research Oversight Committee (MSROC) provides scientific oversight, asset coordination and strategic advice for NSF-supported marine seismic facilities.  MSROC fulfills a role as the representatives for the marine seismic research community, ensuring broad access and maximum participation in the utilization of marine seismic assets. MSROC also advises UNOLS and funding agencies on the adoption of technical advances that maintain a cutting edge capability for the facilities that support marine seismic research.

The NSF relies on the committee for information about new technologies and the solution of vexing problems including suggestions for the  modernizing research vessels and the integration of  new technologies.