ANZA Network receives critical operational funding

Earlier today, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Director Margret Lenien,  Seismic Warning Systems CEO, George Dickson, County Supervisor, Greg Cox and IGPP Research Scientist—and lead researcher for the ANZA network—Frank Vernon, were pleased to announce that a financial donation by Seismic Warning Systems (SWS) will keep the ANZA Seismic Network, and its 28 monitoring stations along the San Jacinto Fault, operating through 2020.  The state-of-the-art network, which has monitored Southern California’s most active fault since 1982, was at risk of being shut down when government funding cuts were announced last year. Its loss would have significantly hampered regional monitoring capabilities.  The ANZA partnership with SWS not only ensures the network’s continued operation but will also aim to provide the San Diego County community with early warning when large events are detected along the fault.

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