DeSanto "Glamorizes" geophysics in clever blog

Want to know more about the "Glamorous Life of a Geophysicist"? IGPP's John DeSanto has been keeping a blog that will allow followers to do just that! DeSanto's current post, "Science in The Middle of Nowhere" cleverly explains the scientific process of measuring the depth of and movement along the ocean floor: The multibeam sonar "sends out a sound pulse at regular intervals and listens to the reflections of the pulse from the seafloor...the sound pulse from the multibeam sounds like a bird chirping. You can hear this chirp throughout the entire ship every ten seconds or so, 24/7. Now I know there are quite a few bird-lovers out there, but I can’t help but ask: Would you still love your birds when they are keeping you up at night?" Read this and other astute observations by DeSanto here: